Union and independence allow Conxemar to defend the interests of the industry, with an active presence in the institutions where decisions are taken, and to boost its growth with campaigns to promote fish consumption among the population

Joining efforts to strengthen the international visibility and competitiveness of the sector

Conxemar, the Spanish Association of Wholesalers, Importers, Manufacturers and Exporters of fish products and Aquaculture is consolidated as an essential instrument in uniting the frozen food sector in our country.

The 228 member companies represented have a combined annual turnover of more than 8.7 billion euros and 17,000 jobs.

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Jobs in 2020

Our services

A wide range of services
for our members

Conxemar offers its members a wide range of services, all of them focused on facilitating their day-to-day business activity and improving their competitiveness. Some of our members are:

Our aims

  • To represent and defend the interests of the sector before public or private, national and international bodies, in order to achieve the most possible favorable regulations for companies.
  • To promote the business development and competitiveness of the associates and to defend a level playing field.
  • To promote the consumption of fishery and aquaculture products, and their derivatives, and to provide members with market information.
  • To achieve economic independence, which allows to maintain social, corporate and political independence, without the need to resort to the associates for this purpose.
  • Any other lawful activity necessary to achieve the objectives of the Association at all times.

We are present at:

  • Member of the Spanish Food and Drink Industry Federation (FIAB).
  • Member of the European Fish Processors Association (AIPCE).
  • Vicepresident of the European Federation of National Organizations of Importers and Exporters of Fish (CEP).
  • Representative of the European Association on the Regional Advisory Committee of the Long Distance Fleet.
  • Member of the Advisory Committee of the Fishing Sector in Spain.
  • Member of the Executive Committe of the EU Market Advisory Council (MAC) and Rapporteur of the Working Group II: EU Market. 

Our team

Yobana Bermúdez
General Manager
Tere Vázquez
Exhibition Director
Ruth Vázquez
Communications Director
Paula Domínguez
Administration Director
Luis García
Technical Director
Isabel Mariño
Institutional Affairs
Marian Villasanta
Exhibition Department
Laura Méndez
Exhibition Department
Doris Rosendo
Exhibition Department
Jorge Bravo
Communications Department
Silvia Corral
Communications Department
Montse Soto
Administration Department
Cyntia Domínguez
Administration Department
Lara Bermúdez
Technical Department
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