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Roughsnout grenadier

Order Gadiformes
Family Macrouridae

Marine fish of extrange appearance, with the body somewhat compressed, very elongated and finished in tip, covered with spiny scales, that give an adherent touch. Prolonged head on a long pointed nose. Large eyes. Inner mouth, with a small submandibular barbel. Two dorsal fins, the first short and low, with 11-12 softrays. The second dorsal fin very long, rather than the anal fin, which is joined with anal fin at the posterior end of the body. Colour: Yellowish-greenish-gray. It reaches 50 cm in length.

FAO code
Trachyrincus scabrus
White fish
FAO Fishing Areas
  • Area 27: the Northeastern part of the Atlantic Ocean
  • Area 34: the Eastern Central part of the Atlantic Ocean
  • Area 37: the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea
  • Area 47: the Southeastern part of the Atlantic Ocean
International denominations
Germany Raunasen-Seeratte
Italy Pizzuto
Portugal Furão
United Kingdom Roughsnout grenadier
Fishing areas
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