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Red porgy

Order Perciformes
Family Sparidae

Marine fish with regularly ossified skeleton. Oblong body, high and laterally compressed. Small eyes. Small mouth. Inside the two jaws are 4-6 strong teeth to grasp, and behind pointed teeth. Silver gray color and fins with a pink shine. It measures up to 75 cm and weighs up to 10 kg.

FAO code
Pagrus pagrus
Blue fish
FAO Fishing Areas
  • Area 21: the Northwestern part of the Atlantic Ocean
  • Area 27: the Northeastern part of the Atlantic Ocean
  • Area 31: the Western part of the Atlantic Ocean
  • Area 34: the Eastern Central part of the Atlantic Ocean
  • Area 37: the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea
  • Area 41: the Southwestern part of the Atlantic Ocean
Fishing seasons
feb mar apr may jun jul aug sep oct nov dec
International denominations
Germany Gemeiner Sackbrassen
France Pagre commun
Italy Pagro mediterraneo
Portugal Pargo legítimo
United Kingdom Red porgy
Japan Yôroppa-mada
Fishing areas
Fishing arts

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