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Peruvian calico scallop

Order Ostreoida
Family Pectinidae

Marine bivalve mollusc. The bivalve shell is thick, orbicular, with slightly unequal valves, the left more convex than the right. It has radial ribs, uniform, protruding, in varying numbers, 23 to 26 per valve, which have angled edges and are covered by thin and oblique scales. It has unequal wings, the largest one being anterior. The edge is strongly denticulated. The color varies from white to pink and brown, which combine and distribute irregularly. Exceptionally it is observed the orange and lilac. The interior of the shell is smooth glossy, the pallial line is simple. The adductor scar is notorious, large central. They reach a size of up to 17 cm in diameter.

FAO code
Argopecten purpuratus
FAO Fishing Areas
  • Area 77: the Eastern Central part of the Pacific Ocean
  • Area 87: the Southeastern part of the Pacific Ocean
Fishing seasons
apr may jun jul aug sep oct nov
International denominations
Germany Purpur-Kammmuschel
France Peigne eventail
Italy Cappasanta del Pacifico
Portugal Vieira-do-Perú
United Kingdom Peruvian calico scallop
Fishing areas
Fishing arts

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