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Order Mytiloida
Family Mytilidae

Marine bivalve mollusc. Bivalve shell, semi-thick. Its dorsal border is angular in the central portion, while the ventral border is almost straight. Umbos are sharp and are slightly inclined. The outer surface has only concentric growth grooves and is covered with a periostracum, smooth, blackish to violet brown. Inside the hinge has 3 to 4 equal tooth, visible generally to the naked eye or with little increase. The interior is white and the edge is pearly silver blue. They reach sizes of approximately 85 mm in length.

FAO code
Mytilus chilensis
FAO Fishing Areas
  • Area 41: the Southwestern part of the Atlantic Ocean
  • Area 48: the Antarctic part of the Atlantic Ocean
  • Area 77: the Eastern Central part of the Pacific Ocean
  • Area 87: the Southeastern part of the Pacific Ocean
Fishing seasons
feb mar apr may jun jul aug sep oct nov dec
International denominations
Germany Miesmuschel
France Moule du Pacifique
Italy Cozza cilena
United Kingdom Mussel
Fishing areas
Fishing arts

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