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Horned octopus

Order Cephalopoda
Family Octopodidae

Marine cephalopod mollusc whose mantle (head) is oval, wide and very rough, covered with small granulations or warts, with a cirrus or fleshy protuberance on each eye. Eight arms or tentacles, moderately short, with a row of suckers each arm. May give off musky odor. Color: yellowish or reddish orange to reddish brown, with white spots. Total maximum length 40 cm, maximum weight 1.2 kg.

FAO code
Eledone cirrhosa
FAO Fishing Areas
  • Area 27: the Northeastern part of the Atlantic Ocean
  • Area 34: the Eastern Central part of the Atlantic Ocean
  • Area 37: the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea
Fishing seasons
jan feb apr may jun jul aug sep oct nov dec
International denominations
Germany Zirrenkrake
China 角爱尔斗蛸
France Elédone commune
Italy Moscardino bianco
Portugal Polvo do alto
United Kingdom Horned octopus
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