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Common scallop

Order Ostreoida
Family Pectinidae

Marine bivalve mollusc. Large shell (10-22 cm long), almost circular; umbones in centre, between two almost equal ears. Exterior of right valve whitish, with 20 broad, flattened ribs. Exterior of left valve purplish brown with 20 coarse radial ribs. Interior valve whitish, furrowed, with a single adductor muscle scar.

FAO code
Patinopecten yessoensis
FAO Fishing Areas
  • Area 27: the Northeastern part of the Atlantic Ocean
  • Area 37: the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea
  • Area 61: the Northwestern part of the Pacific Ocean
Fishing seasons
apr may jun jul aug sep oct nov
International denominations
Germany Japanische Kammmuschel
France Saint jacques
Italy Cappasanta orientale
Portugal Vieira-japonesa
United Kingdom Common scallop
Fishing areas
Fishing arts

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