Xosé Martínez

Director of Kaleido Logistics

Xosé Martínez, graduated in Business Administration from the University of Wales, is the Managing Director of Kaleido Logistics.

After working as Branch Manager at Tiba Spain since 2001, where he coordinated maritime transport services and customs management, he joined Kaleido in 2008 as Logistics Services Manager, running the start-up of the Kaleido Group’s freight forwarding business in Spain and Brazil. Subsequently, in 2012, he became Commercial Manager of the Group’s conventional maritime transport business unit. Subsequently, he became a member of Kaleido’s Board of Directors.

Since 2020, he has managed Kaleido Logistics, with an annual turnover of more than €80m, a team of more than 250 people and a direct geographical location in Spain, Portugal, Angola, Brazil and China. Kaleido provides integrated freight logistics services, conventional and containerized maritime transport, road and rail land transport, air transport, warehousing and distribution of goods, quality reviews and rework, value-added logistics services, customs, and technological and innovation services.