Mariana Toussaint

Fishery Officer of FAO

Ms. Mariana Toussaint is a Fishery Officer working in the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) headquarters in Rome (Italy) since 2016. She is part of the FAO GLOBEFISH Team, GLOBEFISH is a multidonor funded project that promotes and provides up-to-date information on trade, trends and markets of fisheries and aquaculture products among governments, industry, academia and other stakeholders around the world.

Her thematic areas of work include fisheries policy development and management, issues related to international trade and market access, international fisheries trade agreements and market-based instruments, sustainability, social responsibility, gender issues.

Mariana has a Ph.D. in Social Sustainability, cum laude, a master’s degree in International Trade, and a bachelor’s degree in Trade. All her studies have been carried out through the University of Vigo (Spain). In 2020, the EAE Business School awarded Mariana the award for the Best Research in Ethics and Responsibility.