Emilio Martínez Cadilla

General Manager of Espaderos del Atlántico

General Manager of Espaderos del Atlántico, he is also a member of the board of directors of the Association of Fish Sellers of Pontevedra and chairs the National Association of Marketing Companies of Highly Migratory Species (ANECTEAM), from which, together with the European surface longline fishing sector, they are promoting the fishing improvement project for the swordfish and blue shark fisheries (FIP BLUES- Blue Shark & Swordfish EU Surface Longliners). With family ties to the fishing sector, he has been the managing director of the Organización de Palangreros Guardeses (ORPAGU-OPP49), lecturer in the Master’s Degree in Fisheries Economics at USC and member of the Advisory Board of the Lonja of the port of Vigo. He has participated as a consultant in different fisheries cooperation projects at EU and international level; he has been an advisor to the EU in the renewal of different international fisheries agreements and has extensive experience in the marketing of fishery products.