5 Jul 2017

Conxemar hosts a tasting of dishes prepared with “mince”

From the minced muscle of the species that, until now, have been discarded by the fleets because of their size or low commercial value (gurnards, horse mackerel, blue whiting, mackerel, pout and red scorpionfish) new products based on fish can be made, and they are especially attractive to the catering industry.

Conxemar headquarters served as a stage for Orpomar (Organization of Fresh Producers of the Port and Ría de Marín) to present this research project to the processing industry, in which CSIC researchers have collaborated.

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3 Jul 2017

Conxemar promotes debate among stakeholders to improve the competitiveness of ports

The meeting showed that, both the fishing industry and the automotive, call for more efficient ports

High representatives of the Port of Vigo, shipping agents of Pontevedra, shipowners of Vigo, forwarding agents of Galicia, Confederation of Employers of Pontevedra, Fish Merchants of Vigo, Deputy Mayor's Office of Vigo, Terminal Maritime of Vigo (Termavi) and dock workers union participated in a roundtable organized by Conxemar and the Entrepreneurs Circle on Monday.

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29 Jun 2017

Frozen Seafood Sector invoices 9.137 million euros in Spain and gives direct employment to 17.625 people

  • CONXEMAR association brings together the 219 most important companies, which represent more than 62% of the total turnover in the industrial and trading sectors and 54,7% of their direct employment
  • Galicia is the main Autonomous Community of the industrial and trading sectors, with 36% of the companies of the national total, almost 50% of turnover and 46,7% of employment, followed by Catalonia and Andalusia
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