NEXT EDITION DATES: September 30, 2024.

The 11th International Congress Conxemar-FAO has established itself as one of the key events for processors and marketers of seafood products from around the world.

This event is the result of the union of Conxemar – the Spanish Association of Wholesalers, Importers, Exporters and Processors of Fishery and Aquaculture Products and one of the reference entities within the European food sector – and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

Their objective? To bring together the big names in the sector to analyze the current challenges facing the seafood processing and marketing industry and its commitment to sustainability in all its aspects and from all points of view.

The seafood value chain is transforming and we must rethink the way we approach our strategies in an increasingly complex and volatile environment.

Round tables 2023 edition

During the Conxemar FAO Congress, 5 round tables were organized around the Blue Transformation. The debates brought together some of the most relevant experts in the sector.

Below you can see the complete videos of the round tables:

Round table 1

We discussed the importance of brand integrity with:
  • María Sapiña. Environmental Manageress of MERCADONA.
  • Eduardo Dendarrieta. Private Label Manager of ALCAMPO.
  • Steve Challouma. Chief Marketing Officer of NOMAD FOODS.
  • Eduardo Ruiz. Operations Director of ANEDILCO.

Modera: Mercedes Salas. Journalist with Expertise in Fisheries at EFE AGRO.

Round table 2

We analysed the future of fisheries and management models with:
  • Marcelo Vasconcellos. Fishery Officer at FAO.
  • Marina Santurtún. Sustainable Fisheries and Oceans Market Director of AZTI.
  • Dr. Carlos Ángel Lasta. Honorary researcher at INIDEP and representative of the National Executive in the Federal Fisheries Council INIDEP.
  • Enrique Alonso. Global Fisheries Director of SUSTAINABLE FISHERIES PARTNERSHIPS.

Moderator: Daniela Costa. General Secretary of CCRUP.

Round table 3

We talked about social responsibility in the value chain with:
  • Honore Johnson. Better Jobs Strategy Lead of IDH.
  • Andy Hickman. Head of SEA ALLIANCE.
  • William Addy. Head of Sales of EMEA Sedex.
  • Emilio Martínez Cadilla. General Manager of ESPADEROS DEL ATLÁNTICO.

Moderator: Mariana Toussaint. Fishery Officer at FAO.

Round table 4

At the table Blue Transformation: business strategies we have the presence of:
  • Carmen Sánchez. Technical Director of ITENE.
  • Felipe Hormazábal. Assistant Manager of Sustainability and Occupational Health and Safety of BLUMAR.
  • Amanda Fervenza. Senior Innovation Consultant of Eatable Adventures.
  • Michaela Reischl. Head of CSR at LIDL SPAIN.

Moderator: Daniel Rivera. Redactor Jefe de Industrias Pesqueras.

Speakers 2023 edition

Deputy Director Fisheries and Aquaculture Policy and Resources Division of FAO
Environmental Manageress of Mercadona
Private Label Manager at Alcampo
Honorary researcher at INIDEP and representative of the National Executive in the Federal Fisheries Council
Chief Marketing Officer NOMAD FOODS
Operations Director of Anedilco
Fishery Officer of FAO
Sustainable Fisheries and Oceans Market Director AZTI
Global Fisheries Director SFP
Better Jobs Strategy Lead en IDH
Head Of Sales – EMEA at Sedex
Head of Sea Alliance
Technical Director at Technology Center ITENE
General Manager of Espaderos del Atlántico
Senior Innovation Consultant at Eatable Adventures
Deputy Director of Sustainability, Safety and Occupational Health at Blumar
CSR Director at Lidl Spain
CEO of Seafood Legacy
Head of the seafood sector at AECOC
Luiza Reguse
Senior Manager Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative The Consumer Goods Forum
Chief Sustainability Officer RSC in Nueva Pescanova

Moderators 2023 edition

General secretary of CCRUP
Fishery Officer of FAO
Editor-in-chief of Industrias Pesqueras magazine
Journalist with expertise in fisheries of EFE Agro

Presenter 2023 edition

Journalist/Master of Ceremonies