29 Jun 2017

Frozen Seafood Sector invoices 9.137 million euros in Spain and gives direct employment to 17.625 people

  • CONXEMAR association brings together the 219 most important companies, which represent more than 62% of the total turnover in the industrial and trading sectors and 54,7% of their direct employment
  • Galicia is the main Autonomous Community of the industrial and trading sectors, with 36% of the companies of the national total, almost 50% of turnover and 46,7% of employment, followed by Catalonia and Andalusia

Vigo, June 30, 2017.- The first Sectorial Report of the Industry and Commercialization of Fishery Products, prepared by the Consortium of the Free Trade Zone of Vigo and CONXEMAR, has been presented this morning in an event attended by the delegate of the Zona Franca Consortium, Teresa Pedrosa, Mercedes Rodríguez, Galician general director of Fisheries, and the president of Conxemar, José Luís Freire.

This document gathers the reality of the sector in Spain through the data that the business information service of the Consortium, Ardán, has processed in detail and which shows the potential of a sector that represents one of the main supports of the Spanish economy. "The preparation of this first report is the advance of an annual report that will allow us to know the evolution of a strategic sector for the economy and show its strength year after year in the international context," said Teresa Pedrosa.

The report, which includes data for the available last fiscal year (2015), shows that 575 companies make up the industry and commercialization in Spain (the frozen and canned sector), which jointly invoiced 12.212 million Euro and generated 28.266 direct employments.

The industrial sector represented 62,5% of total turnover and 76,8% of employment, and the trading sector 34,7% and 23,8%, respectively.

The importance of frozen sea products

The figures of frozen sector undoubtedly show its importance in the industrial and commercialization sectors in Spain.

Frozen sea products reached a turnover of 9.137 million Euro and 17.625 direct jobs in 2015, while the canning sector invoiced 3.074 million Euro and directly employed 10,641 workers.

With regard to the frozen seafood sector, the industrial sector accounted for 55% of total turnover and 64% of employment.

"As can be seen, the magnitude of the frozen sector figures leaves no doubt of its value and of its outstanding role as the engine of the processing and trading industry," says José Luis Freire, president of CONXEMAR.

The figures of the CONXEMAR Association

The 219 companies that are part of CONXEMAR reached a combined turnover of 7.584 million Euro in 2015, which represents 62% of the total turnover of the industrial and trading sector in Spain, and 15.481 jobs (55% of the total).

Industrial companies represented 69% of the turnover and 74% of the employment of the Association.

If the figures of the Association are extrapolated only to the frozen sector, its representativeness is even greater: its companies represent 77% of total turnover and 79% of the employment.

Galicia has the largest number of companies associated with Conxemar (93), with a combined turnover of 3.741 million Euro and 7.505 jobs.

The industrial and trading sector by Autonomous Communities

Galicia is the main Autonomous Community in the sector of industry and commercialization of fishery products in Spain with 208 companies (62% industrial and 39% commercial), 6.097 million Euro of joint turnover and 13.227 jobs. It is followed by Catalonia, Andalusia and Madrid.

Galicia also leads the frozen sector, with 137 companies (39% of the total in Spain), 3.895 million euros in turnover (42,6% of the total) and 6.768 jobs (38,4% of the total).