Important information

We remind you that Conxemar and its usual suppliers do not sell lists of visitors and exhibitors, under any circumstances. The companies or groups that offer this type of list are not affiliated with Conxemar, nor do they maintain any type of relationship with this association, therefore, they do not have access to reliable assistance data.

In the past, Conxemar has been the target of groups (Incube Trade, Tredset…), which provide this type of fraudulent services, some of which are or have been involved in illegal phishing practices by using our logo in their signatures.

For all these reasons, we strongly recommend that you do not click on links or respond to messages that come from emails or groups considered suspicious of such practices.

If you have any questions, please contact us directly at

We inform you that if you receive correspondence, faxes or emails from companies such as: International Fairs Directory, FAIRGuide, Expo-Guide, Event-Fair, Construct Data Verlag, World Business Directory or World Business Guide, offering to include your company in a directory of exhibitors and/or company guide, or are asked, referring to our CONXEMAR FAIR, to update your data in the directories of trade shows and companies around the world, it is IMPORTANT to be aware that CONXEMAR has no connection with any of these companies.

If you respond to a request by one of these companies by email, letter, or fax to update your directory listing, you may be bound by an automatically renewable three (3) year contract for an annual fee that may be up to 1,212 euros, 1,177 euros, 1,700 dollars (USD), 980 pounds sterling (GBP) or more.

Before responding to such a request, please read the entire document carefully and, if in doubt, do not reply.

if you have an incident with any of these companies, we recommend that you contact your Consumer Rights office.