5 Jul 2017

Conxemar hosts a tasting of dishes prepared with “mince”

From the minced muscle of the species that, until now, have been discarded by the fleets because of their size or low commercial value (gurnards, horse mackerel, blue whiting, mackerel, pout and red scorpionfish) new products based on fish can be made, and they are especially attractive to the catering industry.

Conxemar headquarters served as a stage for Orpomar (Organization of Fresh Producers of the Port and Ría de Marín) to present this research project to the processing industry, in which CSIC researchers have collaborated.

Attendees could taste red scorpionfish cake, blond dumplings meatballs with seafood stew, pout ravioli with oyster sauce, mackerel croquettes and blue whiting burritos.

Carlos Rodal, from the Restaurant Othilio in Vigo, was in charge of the design and elaboration of the tasting menu and highlighted the qualities of the "mince", also for the catering sector, based on its characteristics, versatility and easy handling.