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2017 - International Congress on Climate Change and Fisheries (CONXEMAR-FAO)


In October 2nd
, CONXEMAR and FAO will celebrate the VI edition of the World Congress, that this year will be focused on Climate Change and its effects on fisheries, aquaculture and trade.

World renowned experts, scientists, fisheries authorities from the main producing countries worldwide and top executives will analyse the impact of climate change on the most important species in the market and also what measures shall be implemented to mitigate them.  

The increase of the oceans temperature and salinity is one of the key factors that is influencing both the behaviour and availability of the fishery resources, a challenge for the industry at a global level given the estimations of a growing seafood demand and a increasing world population.

These issues will be widely addresed and debated during the Congress.



October 2nd 

A complete panel of experts from the main producing fisheries: USA, Chile, Peru, South Africa, New Zealand, EU, Norway and Iceland.