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Side Events

FAO: Decent Work in Fisheries and Aquaculture

The general objective of this event is to foment greater dialogue between governments, private sector and civil society on the improvement of work conditions previously mentioned, emphasising contribution of industry to the attainment of decent work for everyone. It is necessary that all parties contribute their ideas, opinions, knowledge and experiences, in order to act together and move forward in achieving this goal.

This is the third year that this debate is being held in Vigo under Conxemar. In 2014 there was discussion about how to promote decent employment in the sector and in 2015 the benefits and incentives existing were analyzed. Participants highlighted how the welfare of workers reduces the risk of a bad reputation and increases employee commitment to the company.

FAO invites stakeholder interested in participating in this event to share experiences and proposals for action and promotion of decent employment in the sector, as well as initiatives on labour issues, certification and due diligence in national and global supply chains of fishery products.

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