Spanish Association of Wholesalers, Importers, Manufacturers and Exporters of Fish products and Aquaculture
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Conxemar, the Spanish Association of Wholesalers, Importers, Manufacturers and Exporters of fish products and Aquaculture is consolidated as an essential instrument in uniting the frozen food sector in our country.

The 222 companies which make up the Association, support its capacity to represent and defend the interests of its members and the industry at the European, national and regional level. Together they have an annual turnover of 6,4 billion Euros and 13.285 employees.


  • Promote and defend the free market system, as part of the economy.
  • Help improve the competitiveness of our  members.
  • Represent and defend the interests of the sector to government agencies be it at the European or  national level.
  • The promotion of all different types of campaigns increasing the consumption of frozen foods and in particular those derived from fishing.


  • Member of the European Fish Processors Association (AIPCE).
  • President of the European Federation of National Organizations of Importers and Exporters of Fish (CEP).
  • Representative of the European Association on the Regional Advisory Committee of the Long Distance Fleet.
  • Member of the Advisory Committee of the Fishing Sector in Spain.
  • Member of the Executive Committe of the Market Advisory Council (MAC)
  • Rapporteur of the Working Group 2: EU Market